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/sû.wat/ (v.) to write without the rules

suw(h)at is a forced union among two words
suwat - A Cebuano word that means "to write"
so what - the english expression

handmade notebooks

The Brand

In the age of pixels, character limits, emojis, and validation through selfies, it's hard to distinguish our own thoughts from all the digital noise. It has become a norm for us to absorb all the unwanted information that we forget what matters - our own.

Suw(h)at seeks to empower individuals to value their ideas and schemes. We believe everything great we have today had its foundations on a sheet of paper. Now it's your turn.

Fine print: Our objective may include:empowering fiction-based fandoms.yes, this is a warning.

Suw(h)at Paper Products

Our notebooks are personally handcrafted and its printed designs are digitally designed by the artist herself.

The notebooks are not the place for second thoughts but for the raw and untouchable ones. Suw(h)at products wants to be the tissue paper you cling your pen to because a thought just surfaced, the journal you stack under your pillow, or the notebook your bag is always filled with.

It's your everyday thought extension. Take it in both its literal meanings. write || so what?

Each design is crafted to serve as a symbol of your weirdness individuality. 
Never settle for anything that misrepresents you, aryt?

*no slaves were mistreated in the making of the notebooks

handmade notebooks

About Her

The person that stacks, stiches and folds the pages altogether is simply one of those annoying peope who have read the books. 

She isn't an acclaimed hardcore fan of any film/game/book, but she is a fan of anyone with a strong sense of self. She hopes to inspire people to embrace their flaws and ideas - and to actually place them somewhere tangible.

Be it a bucketlist, a brain-dump, a draft sketch, a lyric, letters you never had the courage the send or a dear self entry - put them down on paper. please.

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