suwhat: Happy Birthday, Suw(h)at

Happy Birthday, Suw(h)at

2:50 AM

To say Happy Birthday Suw(h)at is still funny to actually put in writing.

It's your fault, really. You who risked into getting your hands (and money) into something that we created on a dusty corner of a house. An idea that was inspired by pop-culture and recycled papers. You see, when our first order came in through email, we actually screamed both internally and externally. It wasn't so much of gaining profit from it really (to be honest, I am *this* close to making it a non-profit organization. lel.) but it was mostly a scream of 'wow, someone actually wants one' kind of screams.

About 10 bazaars to date, about 500 notebooks stitched and released, a three to four digit likes on our social media pages, we still can't believe it all happening.

Those milestones we never really etched into stone in the first place, but you engraved it for us. And we can only come up with little ways to repay you in ways to have you celebrate with us. We have whipped up some contests and giveaways to all of you. And for those who have sworn fealty to us since the start, you may want to check your inboxes one of these days.

From all of us at Suw(h)at, thank you! And to many more notebooks and birthdays to come!

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  1. Replies
    1. That's a great idea! We have been thinking about creating our own planners but we just haven't acted on them yet. Do you have any designs in mind we could use as insipiration? :)


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