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Keep the Fire Burning

9:55 PM

cebu handmade notebooks

So March is coming. And suw(h)at is still "bracing for the New Year"... which isn't bad, mind you, but the "bracing" just took longer than we would've liked. Granted, we've been beefing up our arsenal these few months (we got a new killer cutter and puncher set that'll definitely spice things up in our product list) and we've already plotted out the events we'll be attending this year to keep us focused. So that's an achievement.

cebu handmade notebooks

What's left in our to-do list really is an overdue photoshoot of our products and finding time for that has been hard.

I'm not going to lie and say that things have been smooth-sailing for suw(h)at ever since because it hasn't; but we got over those hurdles and managed to push on which is more than I could have hoped for in a team.

We're eternally grateful for the people that have reached out to us as of late. You remind us people still think of suw(h)at from time to time :D

All that to say, suw(h)at has been through a few roughs and tumbles these past few weeks but we're still fighting to keep us, and the community we've worked so hard to build, growing. We'll be at tomorrow night's #basabalak event at Handuraaw to support the literary community and to hopefully sell some notebooks. Our order form will be back online not long after that, too.

We've got tons planned for the year and I hope you'll still be around to fabulously breeze through the journey with us. Keep the fire burning and, as always, long live notebooks.

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