suwhat: Why Are We Closing Our Order Forms?

Why Are We Closing Our Order Forms?

2:16 AM

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Five months into operation and I still get anxious every time. From coming up with new concepts and designs, from scratching things off the drawing board, from replying to emails and seeing you on meet-ups. All this to say that I am still overwhelmed by everything and thankful for all of you.

We may have strayed from othe original Suw(h)at plans as many things have been put into consideration, with you on top of our list of priorities. To be transparent with you guys, we've been doing and releasing everything out of excitement.

Think of it this way: It's like we've been putting things through fire and hoping they survive. And they all did, and out came dragons with them. Now we have dragons to take care of.

With this, Suw(h)at will have to take a step back a bit to look into the bigger picture and come back with even better things (how's a better ordering system sound or a clear shipping process?).
Suw(h)at grew up too fast that we (co-founders) had to catch up to its pace.

But we will be back. Sooner. And riding them dragons - with you of course!

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