suwhat: The PDB Experience

The PDB Experience

2:24 AM

handmade notebooks cebu

We underestimated things quite a bit on our end, we always see our brand to be still so young and uhm, fragile.We are still a starting and struggling start-up and most decisions are crucial, risky and must be well-thought of;  Having learned from our previous bazaar, we did our research beforehand -

None of us (the team) are into these things - shopping, shopping and/or window shopping. We kind of opted for literary festivals, comic cons and the like because you know..#nerds , but we saw to it as an excuse to launch our Harry Potter line to the public and to be on the real world once again.

As per usual, we hyped about it on social media, panic posting yet being steady on the production - producing what we think is fair and enough for the 2-day event.


handmade notebooks cebu

Setting up had been a breeze, and we brought in new friends
- say hello to lamp!

The moment we finished setting up; And in a just a matter of breathing in the PDB air, we had people looking into our products and shelfing them out.

We can't even begin to explain how overwhelmed, excited and thankful we were. Seeing faces in awe and taking so much interest, having second looks and stopping by and actually looking for our booth saying it was their primary purpose (because thank you internet!), taking photos, fan-girl screaming, coming back again and again...and again *breathes for a bit* and all those other emotions.

Our shop became close to empty at around 4pm, people who passed by us the time after that probably didn't knew what we really are about. We felt so bad for people who wanted to buy but stocks were no longer available.

cebu handmade notebooks

Day 1 gave us a lot of good problems that we wished we had a real time turner or something.

We began packing at around 6pm - with hearts both glad and heavy as we didn't want to leave too early. But we had to immediately buy raw supplies and make new sets for the next day.

It was both motivational and saddening to see messages pop out from strangers asking where we were that Saturday night.
We were cutting papers, stitching papers and semi-crying truth be told.

cebu handmade notebooks

Day 2 was no different except that we came in so late - like around 3pm late. But this time we get to converse and connect with a lot of people. We still even saw the same faces from yesterday - this time along with more companions.

cebu handmade notebooks

It was nice to finally meet Pami who had really cool character drawings on our notebooks and the owner of the shop we used to stalk so much, you guys should also check Witch Engine out.

From experience, we have always been taught to be prepared for worst case scenarios but not for best case scenarios like this. #humblebrag.

We only wish we could do more.

Thank you Pop District Bazaar who thought of everything - from the pre-event hype to the event itself; And for putting into mind the handcrafted start-ups.

To say that Pop District Bazaar was a success would be an understatement.
10/10 would sell there again!

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