suwhat: Until the Clock Strikes 12

Until the Clock Strikes 12

10:44 PM

handmade notebooks

Suw(h)at has just ended it's first monthly special. The latest season of Game of Thrones has left us all in tears and confusion as it wrapped up it's season finale episodes. Being one to have read the books, I've also been left distraught so I highly recommend reading (and watching) this series. SUFFER WITH US.

Ahem. Anyway, we're thrilled to have been received by you so warmly and that we've been working very hard to improve both our products and our brand. We just wrapped up our first bazaar and are now developing our July-August theme.

Pushing for this wasn't an easy task, but getting to meet a lot of you in person and in meetups, and scrolling through the #suwhatna tag, it's made all those sleepless nights of sewing worth it.

More announcements will be made in the future on the new theme as we partnered with a talented artist for the main design line that'll hopefully open new doors for us and for you. So stay tuned and long live notebooks!

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