suwhat: Maker's Market: Agora de Cebu

Maker's Market: Agora de Cebu

7:52 AM

handmade notebooks

I am hyperventilating right now, guys, thanks so much for this opportunity!

I know I have a ton of blog posts to catch up on to keep you updated but this just zoomed up the priority list for me. It's happening tomorrow and this is so real, I can smell sound. Granted, we only have a small 3ft x 4ft spot at the back of the room but still, this is so amazing and we've barely reached two months of operation and everything is happening so fast and all I want to say is just THANK YOU, MY LORDS AND LADIES for trusting suw(h)at and opening so many doors for us.

We'll be releasing three new lines tomorrow to celebrate our first ever Maker's Market. You can browse around our facebook and instagram profiles to see some of them but I'll be posting the new designs here on the blog later tomorrow.

The first design set will be SUPERHEROES, giving tribute to DC and MARVEL characters and even splashing in a little bit of other pop culture sigils while we're there. They're printed on suw(h)at's newly discovered signature design, which will also be featuring our new line of suw(h)at originals by slapping on a few of our favorite quotes and some of our own on the covers.

The third design will be due to popular demand: the Back to School series. You've seen me post a few shots of them back at our instagram page and I honestly didn't expect orders of them but I was proven wrong! Pleasantly so!

With all that said, I'll say THANK YOU again. Without you, this wouldn't have been possible so a big bow for us to you. We'll be posting updates on the new products and some announcements tomorrow so stay tuned, and we're excited to see you there!

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