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Support our Thunderclap

3:21 AM

handmade notebooks

See that doo-dad on the right sidebar of our website? That's our Thunderclap campaign! Help us get to 100 to get our message of empowering (our) generation to write write write; across the world with our cool notebooks through social media! If it doesn't get to a hundred, then we'll be very sad :(

So click here or click the "Join this Thunderclap" button on the right side of the page, to sign in and support our petition.

So what is a Thunderclap? It's a platform where anyone can spread a message across thousands of networks through its supporters' social media accounts. Thunderclap automatically posts the petition you signed up for on the specified time and date of the organizers to make one united mass-publishing of your message, link, hashtag and campaign picture.

You can set what kind of campaign you're having as it gets sorted through numerous other Thunderclaps that are happening on the same time as yours is. What's great about this marketing campaign method, I think, is that it gets people that are genuinely interested in your cause to connect with you and support you in a legitimate way. It also drives you to create campaigns that reach out to them and make an actual conversation with your prospective clientele.

All that to say, I do hope you support our campaign and we look forward to serving you with more awesome content and products over the coming months. Thank you for all your support so far, though, and whatever happens from here on out, my fellow suw(h)at founders and I lift up our lit wands and gratefully thank you for your ongoing cheers for us!

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  1. This is really helpful, thank you! Thanks for sharing your resources. I signed up through your Facebook page but I had no idea you made a blogpost about it haha


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