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Requirements When Writing

12:15 AM

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Two of the three suw(h)at founders write excessively. Both for work and for leisure and occasionally for brownie points from friends. We have blogs of our own, all in varying topics, and draw inspiration from things we find important in our research (*cough*internet stalking*cough*). Today, I'm going to talk about a few requirements I have when writing because I'm picky that way.

1) Good music

I mean, who doesn't love good music, amiryt? A nice pair of headphones and a preset playlist on Spotify (sometimes even just one song on loop) always sets the tone right before I work. Often times, the type of music I'm listening to reflects the mood I put myself in while writing.

If it's an article like this that just gets me in a smooth flow of my own opinions and expression, I usually have an easy, groovy playlist up that makes me relax an be myself, if you will, while I write. If it's a technical article, a set of chill rock songs are usually invading my eardrums.

2) Good posture

Funnily, How I sit is a big factor for me when it comes to my writing. Slouching is always a big no-no for me when writing long articles as I eventually get sleepy and distracted. Sitting up, with my back against my bed's headboard or straight while sitting on my office chair, I found was the best position when writing anything of importance. It keeps me in focus and determined to finish what I started as fast as I can so I can go back to slouching again when I'm done.

3) Minimalist Text Editor

I particularly like ZenPen and Litewrite. They're online, free, and autosaves. Granted, their saving history is stored in your machine alone so you can't access your file on the cloud like what Google Doc can do for you but when it's writing experience, these minimalist text editors do the job for me.

I usually just type whatever into these editors and copy-paste my work into Google Doc where I sort them out and make them presentable to the public. When it's drawing from your creative side, I think the minimalist style these text editors have just does the thing for me.

Do you have any requirements when writing? A favorite drink or snack, maybe?

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  1. Thanks for the minimalist text editor suggestions. I didn't know those were around! They look cool and you can definitely focus with your writing. What was I missing?!

  2. I am not into music when I do my writing, I am easily disturb. But to look for a good place and a good posture is a number 1 on my list.

    1. a good place is on my list too! I haven't really thought about the posture, but I guess it does have an effect! nice. thanks for that.

  3. Thanks for sharing what puts you in the mood when you write. I often find myself multi-tasking I really need to be distracted for a bit to get more ideas flowing in my head.

  4. There are times that I need some coffee fix before writing, but there are days that all I need is some pen and paper because crazy ideas suddenly pop in my head.

  5. I am not into music, I prefer silence when writing. Points 2 and 3 are tested. I thought I was the only one whose writing mood is influenced by the text editor I use. Good post!

  6. I don't usually have music when I write but when I need to focus I use music.


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