suwhat: Fawning Over Kings and Queens

Fawning Over Kings and Queens

1:18 AM

We're all obsessed. You know it, I know it, we all know it. We bruise and scratch and tear ourselves apart for the best merchandise, the latest episode, for the smallest chance to catch even the slightest wink, smirk or stare of any of the GoT cast members. All. Through. Our. Computer. Screens.

 Face it: everyone is GoT trash; and we love every freaking moment of it.

And to further fuel this incessant, heavily counter-productive yet strangely satisfying and life-changing obsession, here are my top five favorite GoT cast clips and pics off-camera.

Don't you just love it when you think you aren't out of their league?

game of thrones cast

Look at them. Just look at them. Khaleesi in the far right with the Mountain, John Snow looking as awkward as he always does, Ygritt being a little sweetie with Theon and Jojen uhu my baby.

Sam is just having the time of his life he is, look at those jazz hands and dramatic expression; even Oberyn is feeling it.

Aww and look! Flashback to baby Arya and baby Bran and there were just so happy in Winterfell with their family and *gross sobbing*

Loras is just being his fabulous self; rocking the interview with his style, his hair, and his dramatics.

game of thrones cast

A family vacation! Where else would you see Tywin giving Varys a absolute manhug from behind while Tyrion stand on the side wearing a  beanie looking confused. What I'd give to get a cup and feel off Oberyn's sexy abs, though.

Let me know what your favorite GoT cast pics are. Even funny clips, bloopers, interviews, you name it. Quench the thirst guys. Quench the thirst.

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  1. It's funny how their characters are too different from their personalities in real life. They are so cool and fun!

  2. My husband and son, both Game of Thrones fans would be very interested to see and read this post.

  3. Nice post and I'll share it to my son. sya mahilig dyan.

  4. Too crazy to see them like this, there's no question that it makes them happier too!

  5. Your pics just show how versatile these GoT actors are in reel and real life. -KarenT

  6. They look so different and relaxed in all their pics.

    Hubby is a major GoT too! He's excited about each and every episode.

  7. It's entertaining to see Game of Throne actors in these moments. Makes them more human.

  8. I think their chemistry comes from years of being together. I've watched the first few season of GOT and I'm trying to catch up for the latest season.

  9. without their makeups, they really prove they are different people from their characters

  10. Haha. I'm such a fan of GoT, too. Though to be honest I haven't seen the latest season yet. I'm waiting for the last episode to come out then I'm going to have a marathon. Ha! I've actually seen their singalong on youtube. Khaleesi can sing, ya'll! Ha!

    Stay Awesome,
    Kintsugi of Life


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