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To Write, To Create

9:46 PM

There's only so much one can do without a muse. It's a funny thing, really. It eludes you when you need it most and barrels into you when you don't. At times, when it comes in the most inopportune moment, the disability to act on it is maddening. 

The very idea of referring to such inspiration as a physical entity - separate from one's own consciousness has helped writers remain grounded for centuries; and it is that idea that just fascinates me.

handmade notebooks

As a writer, it has always been a skill, if you will, for me to draw from inspiration uncommon from the norm. Sometimes its a beautiful line drawn as cracks on a windowsill, a frighteningly faint tap heard against the ceiling, or maybe even the simple smell of bacon and eggs in the morning. Being creatives require us to draw and create from this environment, so much so that the hobby of noticing this details is irreversible, unavoidable, unrelenting.

Other times, inspiration is drawn from more obvious things. A book, a movie, a person(fictional or no) or even a video game. And it's hard to just stray too far away from these things once you're in it. Close-knit communities, thanks to social media, emerge from such common interests and even crazier things blossom from that connection.

So I suppose you guys have already figured out where this blogpost is going. Fiction, fantasy and all things mystical, magical and beautiful draw all of us in. This, frankly, is just my small digital stall in the mall of the Internet; for me to fill, renovate and express myself.

And today, well, is it's opening. Welcome to suw(h)at.

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  1. The things around us draws inspiration to all writers and wannabe writers just like me. When I was done writing, I understood that things happened just as they are...for a reason. So welcome and congrats!

    1. sometimes it comes to a point where I question my own feelings, because most of the times I feel like I feel things solely to write about them. thanks, fellow writer!

  2. You can really have no limits when it comes to creativity when writing as anything goes and we have a lot of topics to choose from whether in a the realm of reality or fiction.

    1. exactly, and there an extra amount of beauty to it when you write what's close to your heart. thanks, franc!

  3. awesome. I am looking forward to reading some of your works. ;)

    1. i'm a self-confessed blog-stalker, I may be returning the favor to you too. thanks!


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